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August 31, 2013 - Michael Crossley MD

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Dr Crossley was born in Nottingham Forest, England and came to Texas during High school for a study abroad program.
He loved it so much, he moved back permanently in 1982 when he married Kimberly Mahana (Crossley). They now have a family of 4 children, and 6 grandchildren with twins on the way!

He graduated Lamar University in 1986 with a bachelor of science in biology.
In 1990 Michael became a Dr of Medicine from the University of Texas medical branch at Galveston.
From 1990-1994 he served his residency in El Paso, specializing in Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Crossley has been practicing ER medicine in various local hospitals from 1994-Current.
Including: Park Place Hospital, Port Arthur ; Baptist Hospital, Beaumont ; Renaissance Hospital, Port Arthur ;
St. Mary’s, Port Arthur ; and he’s currently with Victory Hospital in Beaumont.

Michael Crossley MD

Michael Crossley MD

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